The Forum is a key platform for discussing current issues relating to the socioeconomic development of Arctic regions and for developing multi-level, multilateral mechanisms for joint discovery and effective exploitation of the Arctic’s rich natural resource potential.

The central theme of the upcoming Forum is ‘People and the Arctic’. Discussions are expected to cover how to create conditions for improving the quality of life for the local population and how to develop the region in a progressive and sustainable way.

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Дрейфующая научная станция «Северный полюс-38»
Tiksi Hydrometeorological Observatory
Fyodorov Hydrometeorological Observatory
Krenkel Hydrometeorological Observatory
Barentsburg Hydrometeorological Observatory
Dikson Hydrometeorological Observatory
Amderma Hydrometeorological Observatory
First Polar Station

Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation

“Without doubt, the Arctic must become a space for open and equitable dialogue based on the principles of universal and indivisible security.  Russia will remain committed to the peaceful development of the region with full consideration for its own national interests and unconditional respect for the interests of other countries.”

Dmitry Rogozin

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

“Undoubtedly, the highest priority must be given to safeguarding the life and health of people in the Arctic. A skillfully organized and properly functioning security system for the Arctic zone is an important factor in enhancing investment appeal.”

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