Igor Orlov: Arkhangelsk Infrastructure is Underway for IAF 2019

Governor of Arkhangelsk Oblast Igor Orlov spoke about the preparation of the region for one of the major business events in Russia, the 5th International Arctic Forum ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ which will take place in Arkhangelsk on 9–10 April 2019.

“Building on the valuable experience of the 2011 and 2017 forums, we were able to significantly improve the preparation of this seminal event and to schedule a large amount of work to improve the infrastructure of Arkhangelsk and the Forum sites,” stated Igor Orlov.

According to the Governor, work is currently underway to create infrastructure facilities: the construction of the congress and exhibition complex Nord Expo, the preparation of the NARFU dormitory on Smolny Buyan street, the reconstruction of the buildings and installations for the events of the Forum. Transport and energy infrastructure and urban improvement works are also in progress. Special priority is given to the development of the hotel sector: a new four-star hotel Novotel Arkhangelsk (89 rooms) opened in July 2018, and before that hotels Serafima (21 rooms), Severnitsa (18 rooms) and Admiral (10 rooms).

The premises of NARFU: the main, second and third corpuses, the exhibition pavilion, the common scientific equipment use centre (CKP-2), dormitories and the intellectual centre – the scientific library of NARFU, all will be used as IAF sites.

The Nord Expo congress and exhibition complex is to become an additional venue of the 2019 Forum for events with the participation of youth, scientists, representatives of the municipalities of the Arctic territories, artists, with the potential of its further use as a plenary session site starting 2021.

“With the construction of the new facilities and the development of infrastructure Arkhangelsk flourishes as a congress and exhibition centre,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the Preparation for the International Arctic Forum ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’.

To recap, two new NARFU facilities were built in 2017 for the Forum: the exhibition pavilion (multipurpose sports complex to hold 800 people) and CKP-2.

The Roscongress Foundation is the organizer of the IAF 2019.

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