Komi authorities propose building RUB 45-bln transnational communications line in Arctic

The Government of the Republic of Komi has developed a project to build a fibre-optic communications line along the coast of the Arctic Ocean with diversions to populated areas and ports in the Arctic zone, TASS news agency reports citing Republic of Komi Governor Sergei Gaplikov.

Gaplikov said the project has been presented to federal structures and is currently in the discussion and substantiation stage.

“The project is designed to link all the Arctic zones and eliminate a huge number of issues regarding communications along the entire Northern Sea Route. The cost of the project is approximately RUB 45 billion and it can be implemented in 4–5 years”, Gaplikov said.

Gaplikov is confident that implementing the project will produce a cumulative effect for the development of the Arctic as well as Russia’s economy and defence capabilities.

“It will form the shortest route for the transit of intercontinental telecommunications traffic and this will make it attractive for investment by BRICS countries, integrate Russia’s Arctic zones with the developed territories of the country, and establish reliable navigation via the Northern Sea Route”, Gaplikov said.