Projects for Improving the Arctic Environment to be Presented at the International Arctic Forum 2019

As part of Arctic Days in Moscow, Roscongress invited participants to propose their own ideas for the business programme of the 5th ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum, which will be held on 9–10 April 2019 in Arkhangelsk. Roscongress is serving as the operator of the Forum, which is expected to be the largest platform for discussing the problems of and opportunities for Arctic development on an international level. The Forum’s business programme is currently in development and is open to interesting and prospective projects.

Arctic Days in Moscow participants presented new projects focused on improving environmental conditions in the Arctic region, including through the development of innovative systems for cleaning water resources, the reduction of the environmental impact of manufacturing, and the support and development of national parks and reserves. This Forum also touched on the issues of business project development, logistics optimization, and transport opportunities.

As a capstone to Arctic Days in Moscow, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation will issue a resolution describing the most important ecological trends and most promising projects. Work on these issues will continue as part of the business programme of the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum.

In the interest of popularizing the environmental protection of the Arctic region, the Roscongress Foundation is also considering holding the entirety of the International Arctic Forum 2019 in an environmental format, attracting the attention of public figures from various countries and businessmen interested in developing Arctic business projects to this issue. “The business programme of the International Arctic Forum 2019 is currently in its most active stage of creation and we hope to be joined by all leading scientists, businessmen, and public figures whose work could make a significant contribution to the improvement of region’s environmental conditions,” reported Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev. “We are working on making the upcoming Forum a comprehensive platform for creating progressive projects, increasing international cooperation, and improving the economic state of the region at large.”