Rogozin about “Technological Ecology” in the Arctic

In his on-air interview with Russia 24, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin claimed it was possible to solve the environmental problems of the Arctic with the help of new technologies that are already used by Russia in the region.

“We are talking about the fact that ecology in the Arctic can be preserved not just by doing nothing. On the contrary, by doing whatever needs to be done, but with the least environmental impact. By improving the current state of technology in order to enter the Arctic with environment-friendly technologies”, he said.

Each ship and each vessel that enters the Arctic takes back empty barrels that were left there in Soviet times and have been polluting the environment ever since, Rogozin explained.

“Today, the Russian Federation is making every effort to purify what was unfortunately polluted in previous years and decades by applying modern methods. Such a technological ecology is easily understandable to us: its aim is to recreate the habitat”, Rogozin stressed.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that international cooperation in the Arctic had been fully maintained and that it could not be any other way “because, in these conditions under which polar expeditions work, specialists working in the Arctic, irrespective of their citizenship, need to help one another. Such are the laws of the Arctic, otherwise they are not forgiving, no matter what a person’s citizenship if he is trapped in a difficult situation.”