Rogozin: situation with Russian ambassador to US is “crazy”

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin described Washington’s attempts to restrict the routine activities of the Russian ambassador to the United States as a “crazy situation”. “It’s an unusual, crazy situation when ambassadors are prevented from doing what is a normal part of their activities”, Rogozin told the media (as quoted by TASS news agency).

He noted that he had previously served as Russia’s permanent representative to NATO and met with high-ranking US officials. “Let’s judge me for this”, he said ironically. “Let’s judge me for meetings with the NATO secretary general and the head of the NATO Allied Joint Force Command”.

“Nobody here has ever restricted the US ambassador”, Rogozin added. “We would never be crazy enough to prevent the US ambassador from speaking” at public events in Russia, he said.

Rogozin described the US ambassador’s participation in the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ Forum as “normal and positive”.

Source (text, photo): TASS