Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade creates catalogue of high-tech products for Arctic applications

The illustrated catalogues of high-tech industrial products and services designed for use in the Russian Arctic feature more than 650 companies from 77 regions across all of the country’s federal districts. The products and services are divided into eight categories according to their area of application.

The catalogues provide an overview of the high-tech industrial products and services available to meet Arctic needs, taking into account the various climatic zones and operational requirements. The categories of products and services covered include transport, construction, road and special technology, energy and electrical equipment, and communications. The catalogue also features equipment and systems for monitoring, management, testing, and diagnostics, mining equipment, special facilities and materials, and other related products and services (special clothing, auxiliary facilities, etc.).

The basic 450-page edition of the digital catalogues contains information on over 650 companies producing a wide range of high-tech products to meet Arctic requirements. In the energy and electrical equipment category, for instance, there are 147 projects from enterprises in all of Russia’s federal districts. The districts which submitted the most proposals were the Ural (192), Central (175), and Volga (106) Federal Districts.

“As part of the import substitution policy, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is planning to continue work to establish domestic production of equipment for the radio electronics, automotive and mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and oil and gas industries. In conjunction with these new catalogues, this will facilitate the implementation of the most important investment and infrastructure projects, as well as the development of support zones in the Arctic”, said Alexei Besprozvannykh, Director of the Department for Regional Industrial Policy.

The catalogue of products for the Arctic will be the key project we present at the forthcoming ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum on March 29–30 in Arkhangelsk. We also plan to create a corresponding entry in the State Industry Information System by organizing a kind of B2B platform for domestic suppliers and customers”, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov.


The catalogues were created by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Department for Regional Industrial Policy on the basis of information supplied by the presidential plenipotentiary envoys, regional executive authorities, and other stakeholders.