Share of imported equipment used on Russian shelf to decrease

Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov told RIA Novosti in an interview that the share of imported equipment used for production on Russia’s shelf would decrease to 50% by 2025 from the current 85%.
“Under the Arctic state programme, the share of imported equipment on the domestic market for the development of Arctic deposits should decrease from 85% to 65% by 2020 and then to 50% by 2025. This is a normal balanced position for import and domestic production”, he said.

Osmakov said the government’s job is to not simply build Russian-made equipment for shelf operations but to create a full-fledged oil and gas service.

“Above all, we should be talking about key expertise in oil and gas machine-building related to the shelf. For example, about the subsea production systems (SPS) that we currently import. At present, we are working on a Russian SPS and just a few days ago discussed this subject during a meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We can expect to achieve national expertise in 2019–2020”, the Deputy Minister added.

Russia currently has a shelf equipment programme, and in 2016 projects were launched to build Russian-made geological exploration equipment for shelf operations for a total of approximately RUB 1.3 billion.