Sverdlovsk authorities to earmark over RUB 26 mln to support indigenous people of the North

The earmarked funds will be spent over a period of nine years, TASS news agency reports. At present, 108 Mansi people live in the region.

The Sverdlovsk Region Governor’s information policy department says that spending on support to indigenous people of the North in education, healthcare, social protection, and employment totalled RUB 4.136 million in 2016. Three healthcare organizations provide medical assistance to the Mansi people. In addition, a medical and obstetric centre has been built in the region, small medical stations that have everything needed to provide first aid annually conduct check-ups and vaccinations, and children vacation at sanatoriums and health institutions in the region.

“Considering that the primary occupation of the Mansi is hunting, fishing, and the sewing of national footwear, the main emphasis on promoting employment is the development of self-employment, including through the provision of transport vehicles: in 2016 four snowmobiles were allocated with priority given to large families. In 2017, there are plans to acquire snowmobiles and a diesel generator”, the department said.