The President Suggests a New Way of Using the Northern Sea Route

Russian President Vladimir Putin has mentioned the possibility of making an absolutely new global transport configuration in Eurasia using the Northern Sea Route (NSR), Interfax agency reports.

“We are making substantial investments in NSR development; we want it to become a competitive arterial road”, Putin said at the One Belt One Road summit in Beijing.

“Taking a broad view, the infrastructure projects announced within the EAEU and the OBOR initiative together with the NSR can change the transport map of the Eurasian continent dramatically.”

“Let’s build the roads for development and prosperity together”, the president said.

Putin also pointed out the necessity of “preparing an advanced Eurasian agreement to simplify trading procedures” and said Russia was ready to invest on the territories of partner countries in Eurasia.

“It’s important that the businessmen of our countries create competitive technological and industrial alliances”, he added.

“To make such a collaboration competitive, we need to move in the direction of unification and, in the future, to create common standards, technical regulations for both industrial and agricultural products, as well as for new hi-tech products”, Putin said.