Trutnev: International Cooperation in the Arctic Makes Sense for Mankind

International cooperation in the Arctic is impossible without Russia’s involvement, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev said on the RT TV channel. “Recently, international cooperation in the Arctic as well as on a number of other issues has gone downhill. But I think that humanity still has common sense. There are areas where it is impossible to do something alone, where it is crucial to cooperate together,” he said. “It’s a question of the degree of mankind’s common sense and the ability to agree on certain issues. In terms of Russia’s membership in the Arctic Council: any questions can be raised about the withdrawal from a particular council. But you can’t work in the Arctic without Russia, it’s impossible,” Trutnev said during the Antonyms programme. He pointed out that Russia is one of the main players in the Arctic and is home to two-thirds of the Arctic coast. At the same time, Trutnev stressed that all countries should unite efforts to take care of this region as a whole. One particular issue that requires cooperation is global warming. “As for climate change, everyone is acutely aware of it. In some ways, it is beneficial. For example, we are expanding the corridor for using the Northern Sea Route. On the other hand, the permafrost is degrading, so serious efforts need to be made to preserve the infrastructure,” he said. Russia is the chair of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023. The country’s comprehensive programme for its chairmanship involves promoting international cooperation in such priority areas as the population of the Arctic, including indigenous peoples, environmental protection, socioeconomic development as well as strengthening the Arctic Council itself. More than 100 events are planned to be held as part of Russia’s programme, and roughly 40 events have taken place so far. The Roscongress Foundation organizes the events of Russia’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council.