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PJSC Gazprom is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power.

Gazprom holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves and is the leader in its production. The Company is actively implementing large-scale gas development projects in the Yamal Peninsula, the Arctic shelf, Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, as well as a number of hydrocarbon exploration and production projects abroad.

Gazprom sells gas to Russian consumers and exports gas to more than 30 countries within and beyond the former Soviet Union, is the largest gas exporter to Europe. The Company is successfully expanding its LNG sales, is among top oil and energy producers in Russia, ranks number one in the world in terms of thermal energy generation.

General Partners

NOVATEK is one of the largest independent natural gas producers in Russia. Founded in 1994, the Company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons.

The Company has put in place highly efficient producing and processing facilities. According to preliminary data, in 2018 the Company produced a total of 548.4 mmboe, including 68.8 bcm of natural gas.

NOVATEK is one the world’s Top 3 companies in terms of proved natural gas reserves. As of the end of 2017, the Company’s reserve to production ratio was 29 years.

Yamal LNG is the Company’s biggest project for the construction of a 16.5 mtpa natural gas liquefaction plant on the Yamal Peninsula (Russia). In December 2018, more than a year ahead of the initial schedule, the plant was commissioned at its full designed capacity.

In 2018, Russian LNG was for the first time in history shipped along the Northern Sea Route without ice breaker support – Arc7 ice class LNG carriers passed the Northern Sea Route eastbound and delivered cargoes to China.

General Partners

“Nornickel” is the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper. The Company produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium and sulfur.

“Nornickel” is involved in prospecting, exploration, extraction, refining and metallurgical processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of base and precious metals.

The main Russian production units of “Nornickel” are include: the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel, Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company and Bystrinsky GOK (Bystrinsky mining and processing plant), located in the Gazimuro-Zavodsky District of Trans-Baikal Territory.

Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta belonging to the Group is the only nickel refining plant in Finland.

Norilsk Nickel has its own global network of representative and sales offices in Russia, the UK, China, USA and Switzerland.

When determining the strategy for its global operations and future development, “Nornickel” is focused on compliance with all social and environmental responsibility principles in the various countries in which it operates, which is essential for ensuring sustainable and efficient business development.

Public Joint Stock Company Rossiyskie Seti
Strategic Partner

Rosseti is a Russian public holding company, manages 1 power transmission and 14 power distribution subsidiaries (all together form Rosseti Group), operates one of the World’s largest grid.

Rosseti is a systemically important company responsible for safe, high-grade and available power supply to the Russian consumers of all classes.

Rosseti Group presents in 77 regions of the Russian Federation transmitting and distributing 80% of total volume of electricity generated in the country.

Rosseti Group number of employees exceeds 220 thousand.

Rosseti has become the national grid’s driver in innovation technologies and domestically produced state-of-the-art electrical equipment implementation. The company adheres to energy saving, power efficient, environment protective and aimed at professional safety policy.

PJSC “Aeroflot”
Official Airline of the Forum

Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline and a proud member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Its hub is based at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Aeroflot Group ranks among the top 20 global airline carriers by passenger traffic.

Aeroflot has a reputation for industry leading customer service. It has been certified with the 4-Star Airline Rating by Skytrax and named a Five Star Global Airline in APEX’s Official Airline Rating. Aeroflot is the World’s Strongest Airline Brand according to Brand Finance. Aeroflot was recognized as World’s Leading Airline Brand at the World Travel Awards. It has been named Best China – Europe Transit Airline at the Star Awards 2019 from Travelling Scope Magazine.

As of the end 2018 Aeroflot’s fleet, one of the world’s youngest, consisted of 253 aircraft: Airbus, Boeing and Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliners.

Aeroflot commits to the highest international standards for flight safety. It was the first Russian carrier to be included in IATA’s Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Registry and has been successfully recertified to this standard. The company has also obtained the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) certification. Aeroflot’s integrated management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004.

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JSC Central Research Institute for Automation and Hydraulics (CNIIAG)
Official Partners

JSC Central Research Institute for Automation and Hydraulics (CNIIAG) presents an exhibition about the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

CNIIAG will present a model of helicopter flight controls equipped with an automatic landing system that provides the pilot with necessary information for initiating landing, including in limited visibility situations, without the use of a satellite navigation system. In order to demonstrate the function of the system, the model is equipped with a video recording of the view from a helicopter cockpit during a flight, and the flight controls provide information about the helicopter’s deviation from the established landing trajectory.

The exhibition will also include a model of the bridge of a ship moving along a narrow seed channel with the support of an Automated Radio Navigation System (ARNaS). This system guarantees highly accurate navigation for a ship regardless of the quality of signals from satellite navigation systems, as is demonstrated by the video recording of the modelled movement of a ship and the corresponding information on the bridge displays.

“Almaz-Antey” Air and Space Defense Corporation”, Joint Stock Company
Official Partners

Almaz-Antey Corporation is one of Russia’s largest integrated organizations in the defence industry, bringing together more than 60 research institutes, development bureaus, science and production facilities, and industrial and service enterprises. The corporation exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Of the globe’s top 100 arms suppliers, Almaz-Antey is the 8th largest by sales. The corporation also focuses on numerous areas beyond air and missile defence.

Almaz-Antey’s exposition provides a space to discuss potential collaboration with organizations operating in the B2B and B2G markets. It also aims to reinforce the corporation’s image as a reliable industrial and financial partner possessing substantial scientific and manufacturing capabilities. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the organization’s ability to develop and launch high-tech products for civilian use in collaboration with other parties.


Public Joint-Stock Company Federal Hydro-Generating Company - RusHydro

RusHydro is Russia’s largest electric power generation company, ranking first in Russia and third world-wide in hydro generation, the leader in production of renewable energy in Russia. The Russian Federation owns 60.56% of the share capital in RusHydro.

RusHydro Group unites over 400 generation facilities with an installed capacity of 39.4 GW, R&D, engineering, and electricity retail companies. RusHydro is the leader in sustainable development among Russian companies: the share of renewable energy and hydropower in the Group’s energy balance is 78%. RusHydro’s companies operate in 32 regions of the Russian Federation.

The Far East of Russia is a priority region for RusHydro. The Company’s power plants are the largest producers of heat and generate three-quarters of all electricity in the region.

In the Arctic Region RusHydro operates power plants with a total installed capacity of more than 100 MW, including a unique wind power plant in Yakutia. RusHydro also operates electric power grids in Yakutia and Chukotka.

Caixin Media – это медиа-группа, объединяющая профессиональных журналистов и редакторов, которые создают высококачественный оригинальный контент и занимаются освещением финансовых и деловых новостей через интегрированные мультимедийные платформы, включая веб-сайты, мобильные приложения, периодические издания, видеопрограммы, книги и конференции. Caixin Media считается самым авторитетным китайским СМИ за рубежом и служит международному сообществу важным ориентиром для понимания Китая. Посетите нас по адресу:

PAO Sovcomflot

Sovcomflot is Russia’s largest shipping company, and one of the global leaders in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as the servicing and support of offshore exploration and oil & gas production.

The company’s fleet (owned & chartered) specialises in hydrocarbon transportation from regions with challenging icy conditions and includes 145 vessels with a combined deadweight of 12,597,552 tonnes with the average age of 8 years. A third of these vessels have a high ice class.

Sovcomflot operates vessels in the segments that are in highest demand by the leading Russian and international oil & gas companies. The company services large-scale energy projects in Russia and abroad, including Yamal LNG, Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, Prirazlomnoye, Novoportovskoye, Varandey, Tangguh. Sovcomflot’s unique engineering solutions and unrivalled range of the very latest technologies, chiefly for undertaking shipments in extreme climatic conditions, allow it to satisfy the most complex requirements of its clients, and provide them with reliable and effective transportation services.

Sovcomflot is one of the largest ordering customers of civil ship-building in the Russian Federation.

The company is registered in Saint Petersburg and has representative offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, London, Limassol and Dubai.

Business Programme Partners

Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways”
Business Programme Partners

Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways” is one of the largest rail companies in the world with huge volumes of passenger and freight transportation.

The company has high financial ratings, qualified specialists in all the rail business spheres, extensive scientific and technological basis, project and construction facilities, experience in international cooperation.

100% of the stock of the company operating the railways network as long as 85,5 thousand kilometers belongs to the Russian Federation.

Every year Russian Railways carries more than 1 billion passengers and ships up to 45% of the country’s cargo turnover (including pipelines).

Russian Railways belongs to the top 3 of the world rail industry leaders.

The company’s mission is to meet the market demand for transportation services, increase efficiency, quality of services and deep integration into the Eurasian transport system.

Business Programme Partners

ROSGEO is a Russian multi-industry geological holding company, which offers a full range of geological exploration services from regional surveys to stratigraphic drilling and subsoil monitoring. It boasts unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations.

ROSGEO was established by Decree No. 957 of the President of the Russian Federation dated 15 July 2011. It is a fully state-owned company.

The enterprises within the holding company operate in all eight federal districts of Russia. A total of more than 1,000 fields and deposits have been discovered by ROSGEO, including Astrakhan field (2.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas), the Tengiz field (3.1 billion tonnes of oil), the Kovykta field (1.9 trillion cubic meters of natural gas), the Sukhoi Log deposit (about 2,000 tonnes of gold), the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, and many others.

ROSGEO’s subsidiaries have rich experience in implementing projects abroad: in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Business Programme Partners

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is Russia’s sovereign wealth fund with reserved capital of $10 billion under management. Working alongside the world’s foremost investors, we make direct investments in leading, as well as promising, Russian companies.

RDIF was created in 2011 under the leadership of the President and Prime Minister of Russia to co-invest alongside top global investors, acting as a catalyst for direct investment in Russia.

RDIF has invested over 1.4 trillion rubles, of which RDIF alone invested over 100 billion rubles and over 1.3 trillion rubles came from partners.

RDIF has successfully invested with foreign partners in more than 70 projects and covering 95% of the regions of the Russian Federation. RDIF has established joint strategic partnerships with leading international co-investors from more than 15 countries totaling more than $40 billion.

VostokCoal Management Company
Business Programme Partners

VostokCoal Management Company implements perspective and creates new centers for the extraction of high-quality coals and anthracites in Russia. It implements strategically important infrastructure projects in the Primorsky Territory, the Amur Region and in the Taimyr Dolgano-Nenets Municipal District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Total projected resources and reserves for projects are estimated at 2.5 billion tons of coal. Perspective of coal production at the Ogodzhinskoye coal field in the Amur Region in 2022 is 10.0 million tons, in the Taimyr coal basin – 4.5 million tons.

FSUE Rosmorport
Business Programme Partners

FSUE Rosmorport is a backbone enterprise of the port industry established in 2003 in order to improve the state management system in the seaports of Russia.

The major tasks of the enterprise are providing navigation safety in the seaports and on the approaches to them, port infrastructure development and ensuring higher competitiveness of the Russian seaports by means of effective use of the federal property.

FSUE Rosmorport operates in 65 seaports located in 24 subjects of the Russian Federation. It is the largest title owner of port and coastal infrastructure facilities, auxiliary and diesel icebreaker fleet in Russia.

The icebreaker fleet of the enterprise is the largest in the world and includes 35 icebreakers of various capacity and types.

More than 8000 people work in the central office and in 14 branches of FSUE Rosmorport.

Telecommunications Partner

Logistics Partner

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Official Water of the Forum

PJSC Rostelecom
Telecommunications Partner

Rostelecom is Russia’s largest provider of digital services and solutions. It operates across all market segments to serve millions of Russian households.

The company is an unrivalled leader in the Russian broadband access and PayTV service market with broadband subscriber base exceeding 13 million and a PayTV subscriber base of more than 10.1 million, 5.1 million of whom are also subscribed to our IPTV services. Rostelecom has a mobile subscriber number of more than 1 million.

During the nine months of 2018, the Group generated RUB 233.0 billion in revenue, RUB 74.9 billion of OIBDA (32.1% of revenue) and RUB 12.7 billion of net income.

A reliable partner to the Russian State and Business, Rostelecom is an important innovator in E-Government, cloud computing, healthcare, education, security and housing & utility services.

In the mass market the Company develops a wide line of services designed for families, including basic telecommunications services and Smart Home digital solutions, on-line education, gaming, etc.

Russian Post
Logistics Partner

Russian Post is a federal post operator, is included in the Russian Federation strategic companies list. It includes 42,000 offices across the country and has one of the biggest staff – about 350,000 post workers.

In 2018 Russian Post processed 433.4 million parcels (preliminary data). Every year, Russian Post delivers over 2.5 billion letters and bills (of them 1 billion letters are from state authorities). Russian Post services about 20 million subscribers in Russia by delivering 1 billion copies of print publications per year. The annual volume of transactions processed by Russian Post is 3.2 trillion rubles (pensions, payments and transfers).

Operational revenue of Russian Post in 2017 grew by 8.1% (13,3 bln rubles) up to 178.1 bln rubles (164.8 bln rubles in 2016). Russian Post showed profits in all areas of its business activities.

Actual net profit of Russian Post exceeded the planned indicators by 28% up to 758 mln rubles.

Organization Partners

PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $63 billion and a product portfolio that includes 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. 

PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage company in Russia*. Around 19 000 employees work at central and regional offices in Russia, as well as at numerous production sites of the company.

At the heart of PepsiCo is Performance with Purpose – our fundamental belief that the success of our company is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the world around us. We believe that continuously improving the products we sell, operating responsibly to protect our planet and empowering people around the world is what enables PepsiCo to run a successful global company that creates long-term value for society and our shareholders.

*According to the “Expert 600”-2018 ranking of the largest companies by sales volume by the ranking agency “Expert RA”

CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”
Organization Partners

CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” is one of the oldest milk processing plants in Krasnodar region. From year to year the factory products wins a gold medals in the nomination “For the best dairy products”, takes top places and has numerous diplomas. Consumers know a trademark “Cow from Korenovka” not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and the European Union countries.

The main products of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” are:

– Canned milk

– Dairy butter

– Whole – milk products

– Ice cream

Factory policy aims to produce environmentally friendly products because we using only natural raw materials in our production process. Daily plant receives more than 600 tons of raw milk and delivers over 500 tons of end products.

For all the time of activities of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”, the top management implements effectively the measures which are aimed at preserving jobs, modernization and diversification of production, the expansion of jobs due to the construction of new work sections and the expansion of production – today the average number of manpower is more than 2500 people.

North-West coffee company
Organization Partners

The largest producer of freshly-roasted, fine commercial coffee in St Petersburg.

We roast and supply coffee for restaurants, cafes and hotels.  We partner our clients in all areas of their coffee needs: from roasting, blend development, consulting, sale and servicing of coffee equipment, barista training, and developing a comprehensive coffee menu.

Over 15 years we have studied all areas of the coffee industry, to be in a position to help our partners develop their coffee business.  We are happy to develop a coffee menu for your specific needs. Our service team are familiar with, and can service and repair most brands of coffee machines.  Our barista trainers work according to Speciality Coffee Association standards. We can organise a mobile barista service-coffee catering for events and meetings according to your needs.

Organization Partners

L-Wine helps people find the world’s best producers of wine and spirits: our portfolio includes both outstanding and famous samples and truly impressive authentic ones. We constantly organize master classes and wine education courses to support the enthusiasm of those who are eager to learn more about the world of wine.

L-Wine offers a full range services from wine selection to wine supplies. Enjoy all the benefits of cooperation with a company that has more than 20 years’ experience at the market. From year to year consumers become more passionate about wine culture. Being one of the leading wine and spirits supplier in the country, the LUDING group founded the L-Wine project. Created by the experts, it now presents a wide unique collection of high-quality alcoholic beverages from all over the world.

Official Water of the Forum

Natural water BAIKAL PEARL comes from an artesian subsurface source at depth of more than 60 meters, in close proximity to Lake Baikal. Water from the aquifer flows into Baikal and is virtually identical to deep water, however there is a very important distinction – it contains useful minerals. Age of the water is approximately 20 million years, which is the age of Lake Baikal itself. Natural water BAIKAL PEARL is securely concealed in the formations and protected against any external impact, which guarantees its supreme quality. The bottle’s design and logo are created to enable each buyer to see his/her own Baikal in it. The key elements are petroglyphs from a cliff on the shore of Lake Baikal named Sagan Zaba, and a water line shown in a wave shape.

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RT channel
General Media Partners
RT is a global, round-the-clock news network that includes eight TV channels broadcasting news, current affairs, and documentary content, digital platforms in six languages, and a global multimedia news agency Ruptly. In Moscow, RT Studios broadcast 24/7 in English, Spanish, Arabic, while RT America broadcasts from its own Washington, DC studios, RT UK airs from London, and RT France broadcasts from Paris. Today, RT has a global TV audience of 100 million viewers weekly in the 47 of the more than 100+ countries where RT is available. RT covers stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provides alternative perspectives on current affairs, and acquaints international audiences with a Russian viewpoint on relevant events. RT is the most watched TV news network on YouTube with more than 8 billion views. It is also the winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Award for best 24-hour newscast and a six-time Emmy finalist.
Russian information channel “Russia 24”
General Media Partners

Russian information channel “Russia 24” is the undisputed leader of fieldwork with the most important events – maximum live broadcasts, crews in the very action, access to true-to-fact information.  

Three quarters of Russians note that “Russia 24” is the main source of information for them and more than half of the respondents states that they watch the TV channel regularly.  

According to the information and analytics system Medialogiya, “Russia 24” holds the highest citation index among Russian TV channels in 2017.

TV channel “Russia 24” has created a single information space in the country, providing one-time access to the news to everyone from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. 

Russian News Agency TASS
General Media Partners

Established in 1904, TASS is Russia’s state-run news agency.

TASS offers its subscribers a wide range of news services in both Russian and English. The news agency generates more than 1,500 news items and 500 photographs a day, thus producing an integral and unbiased picture of events from around the globe. TASS Photo Archive contains two million photographs and its database has more than 10 million documents.

TASS’ special projects and infographics have repeatedly earned national and international awards.

The news agency’s press-centers operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Pyatigorsk. Every year, TASS holds more than 1,000 various events on its own platforms and within the framework of major forums in Russia and around the globe.

TASS is a member of international and regional mass media organizations and maintains partnerships with more than 100 news agencies throughout the world.

TASS’ 1,800 employees in Russia and abroad keep the agency going in real time.

Rossiya Segodnya International Media Group
General Media Partners

Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency is an international media group which aims to provide prompt and balanced coverage of international events and to inform its audience about different perspectives on key events including stories that the other media outlets keep silent about.

Outside of Russia, the International Agency is represented by Sputnik news agency and radio. Sputnik websites get more than 60 million visitors. 22 bureaus around the world employ more than 1000 people.

Dmitry Kiselev is the Director General of Rossiya Segodnya and Margarita Simonyan is its editor-in-chief. is a special project by Rossiya Segodnya. It was launched on August 1, 2015 with sponsorship from the Russian Geographical Society. The website is currently the only national-level source of information on Russia’s presence in the Arctic.

Business FM
General Media Partners

Business FM – Russia’s first business radio station.

Broadcasting in Moscow at the frequency 87.5 FM
St. Petersburg – 107.4 FM
Ufa – 107.5 FM
Kaliningrad – 101.8 FM
Ekaterinburg – 99.4 FM
Krasnoyarsk – 104.2 FM
Сhelyabinsk – 100.8 FM
Nignii Novgorod – 107.8 FM
Novosibirsk – 105.7 FM
Samara – 90.6 FM
Kazan – 93.5 FM

Business FM provides an exclusive product for a small segment of the general public but the most active and influential one, which in minutes must have the full spectrum of information about money. Business FM is a member company of the RUMEDIA group of companies.  

Telephone:  +7 (495) 660-88-75,

Interfax Information Services Group
Official Media Partners

Interfax is the biggest information group in the former Soviet Union and the recognized leader in the B2B segment of Russia’s information market.

Interfax dates back to 1989, when the country’s first independent news agency was founded.

Interfax is the most frequently cited source for up-to-the-minute information about Russia and the CIS in the world media and the most popular newswire service on the Russian financial market.

Interfax develops professional information systems that help companies operate in the financial and commodity markets, enabling them to make investment decisions, manage risk, organize external communications and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Interfax’s best-known IT services include SPARK (counterparty risk management), SCAN (media analysis and monitoring), ASTRA (analytical solution for compliance with Russian law on transfer pricing), X-Compliance (Know Your Customer solution to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing legislation), SPARK-Marketing (commodity markets analysis), Regulatory news disclosure center (e-DISCLOSURE.RU) and RU DATA (reference data and analytics).

Interfax actively develops partnerships with the leading world brands.

Working with Sberbank of Russia and Experian, Interfax created the United Credit Bureau, Russia’s market leader for consumer credit information. Interfax’s joint venture with Dun & Bradstreet, another international information market leader, provides data about companies abroad.

Official Media Partners

Forbes is the most influential business magazine in the world. Is a symbol of success. In Business. In Career. In Life. 

It’s a multimedia platform that unites the richest and most powerful people in Russia: Forbes list members, current and former leaders of state companies and banks, CEOs of private companies, politicians, opinion leaders. We tell the stories of success. We write about finances, career, world economy and investments, breakthrough ideas and technologies that are changing the world now. Forbes is a reliable tool for a modern entrepreneur.

Forbes is famous for its list of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia.

The audience of Forbes is 1 095 100 readers.

Print circulation is 90 000.

Business daily VEDOMOSTI
Official Media Partners

Vedomosti Business daily is the authoritative source of business and economics information for 18 years. Vedomosti is a part of The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. The publication earned readers’ trust due to high-quality journalism, their impartiality and independence.

Vedomosti Business daily includes web-site, mobile version and free mobile app for all platforms.

3, Polkovaya str., bld. 1, Moscow, 127018, Russian Federation

Tel: 7 495-956-34-58

The publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”
Official Media Partners

The publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is the largest Russian media holding. It consists of the daily and weekly newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the magazine “TV Program” and the weekly newspaper “Express-gazeta”. Group’s portfolio also includes: websites KP.RU,,, radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the Federal broadcasting as well as printing locations in the largest cities of the Russian Federation.

The newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is distributed in more than 450 cities in 85 regions of Russia. Our digests come out in 11 CIS countries and in 37 countries around the world – from Australia to Canada.

Website KP.RU is included in the first Russian “The Three” in terms of coverage in a “media and news” category. Every day 2 500 000 people visit the website KP.RU

Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” is broadcasting in 400 cities of Russia. Twice the winner of the “The best news radio station” Radio Station Awards (2014, 2015) and the Radio Station Awards (2016) winner in the “The best business radio station” nomination.

PH “Kommersant”
Official Media Partners

“Kommersant” is one of the first independent media companies founded in Russia. For almost 30 years, impartiality, accurateness and speed guided the authors of “Kommersant”, the first business daily in the country. These principles helped “Kommersant” to remain among the most reliable and influential media.

Apart from the broadsheet daily, the company also publishes a weekly magazine “Ogonyok”, a weekly magazine “Kommersant WEEKEND”, monthly automobile magazine “Kommersant AUTOPILOT”, supplements “Kommersant DENGI” and “Kommersant KIDS”, monthly color supplement “Kommersant STYLE” about lifestyle and actual fashion trends.

“Kommersant” has been online since 1995, and opened “Kommersant FM” radio in 2010.

“Kommersant” apps are available for mobile devices operating on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms.

FSВI “Editorial “Rossiyskaya gazeta”
Official Media Partners

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is a modern multimedia group that provides readers daily with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information about Russian regional and federal affairs and worldwide events.

The newspaper and its electronic platforms publish news, features, exclusive interviews and comments from public officials and the most powerful representatives of business, politics and culture.

 Today “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is the leader in terms of audience size in the segment of daily sociopolitical and business newspapers. It is also among the leaders of the media citation rating.

 Media holding of “Rossiyskaya gazeta” include:

“Rossiyskaya gazeta” – Daily social and political newspaper

“Rossiyskaya gazeta – Nedelya” – Weekly issue

“Rodina” – Monthly historical magazine

RG.RU – Web portal

“Rossiyskaya gazeta” supplements – Special color thematic supplements.

Official Media Partners

Rambler News Service (RNS) is a rapidly growing agency, specializing in providing in-depth and engaging analysis of current affairs in Russia and beyond, exclusive economic news and related multimedia content.

By focusing on the major events, decisions, appointments and resignations within the intricate framework of big corporations, we are able to bring you content featuring topical commentary from leading business, economic and political experts.

Forming part of the Rambler&Co digital group, our team of seasoned specialists report on the economy, policies and everything in between, delivering content for eleven different topic-specific news feeds: Economy, Society, Finances, Energy sector, Internet, Industry, Consumer markets, IT and Media, Transport, Sports economics, Regional economics.

Official Media Partners

Lenta.Ru is one of the oldest and most respected online media in Russia. It covers a wide variety of topics including Politics, Economy, Science, Internet, Culture and Sports. Lenta.Ru is the only Russian title within Top-5 Europe’s Most Visited Websites. It has 2.5 million unique visitors daily and about 30 million unique visitors monthly.
Official Media Partners is the first socio-political online media in RuNet. It was established in September 1999. The publishing house is among five largest online media in RuNet in terms of the number of unique visitors according to LiveInternet and is included in top three quoting outlets according to Medialogy. Everyday publishes news, exclusive materials and interviews with leading public and political figures, as well as photo reports and online event broadcasting. In addition, the publishing house produces special projects, video galleries, own video programs and mobile applications.

Official Media Partners

RBC is a leading Russian media holding, with leadership positions in news and business media, as well as in domain name registration and hosting. The company’s history counts more than 20 years. RBC employs key media platforms such as the Internet,TV,and press,develops B2B media services,and provides domain registration and hosting services (RU-CENTER Group).

RBC’s aggregate monthly business audience exceeds 34m people (source: TNS data, including overlapping audience). At the same time, has continually been ranked among top online media in the citation ranking (source: Medialogia data for 2014).

RU-CENTER Group provides services to more than 1 million users, with major Russian companies and leading players on the Internet market among them.

In 2013, RBC’s brand was valued at RUB 10.6bn by Interbrand, an international branding agency, making it 24th out of 40 most valuable Russian brands.

Official Media Partners

China Global Television Network (CGTN) is an international media organization, launched on December 31, 2016.

Under the strategy, “Mobile First”, CGTN aims to meet the demand of global viewers and users for easier access to content on different platforms. Its international team of media professionals are based at its headquarters in Beijing, and at broadcasting centers in Washington DC and Nairobi; a European center is on the way.

As a multi-language, multi-platform media organization, CGTN consists of six TV channels, along with CGTN Digital and CCTV Plus.

TV channels

The main 24-hour English-language news channel, CGTN, took over from CCTV-NEWS.

The other language channels are CGTN Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.

CGTN also offers CGTN Documentary, China’s first English-language documentary channel to broadcast globally.

CGTN Digital

CGTN delivers content across a range of digital platforms. The new official website,, and the CGTN news app offer original stories from China and around the world. Viewers and users can also follow CGTN on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo and WeChat.


The video content provider, CCTV Plus, supplies news footage to thousands of TV stations and media organizations worldwide.

CGTN is committed to reporting global news from a unique perspective.


Official Media Partners

MIC Izvestia is the first multimedia information center in Russia. It includes the news production center based on news services of REN TV channel, Channel Five, and Izvestia newspaper, as well as news website IZ.RU, TV channels IZ.RU and 78. MIC Izvestia is a multi-platform media which generates and delivers multi-format information content (TV, print, online). Monthly online readership of MIC Izvestia is over 40 mln people.

An Internet portal IZ.RU allows for both twenty-four-hour news TV broadcasting and socio-political publishing. The editorial team works in an innovative format, and simultaneously broadcasts in several formats, including news, video, photo, and analytics. 

Users can see the hottest news in the crawl line, and enjoy a number of modern visualization tools, such as 3D infographics with location-based maps, photo and video elements, the 360-degree camera. The portal has many state-of-the-art interactive features, such as auto-attendant and text-to-speech.

Media Partners

“EXPERT” is the exclusive business weekly that works at economics, business, social and political processes deeply and professionally. Over the years, “EXPERT” has become not just a magazine, but business partner to hundreds of business owners, topmanagers, executives, and managers at various levels all over the country. “EXPERT” is a desk edition of the decision makers.

“EXPERT” is not limited to facts and figures, but gives readers the volume and reliable information, representing the trends, analysis, forecasts, ratings, characterizing the state of industries, publishing interviews with key figures in business. The magazine holds an open and independent position, leads an active social life, gaining more and more great reputation each year.

NTV Broadcasting Company JSC
Media Partners

NTV is the largest private broadcasting company in Russia, working nationwide. It was founded in 1993. The company owns 7 brands: NTV – one of the largest generally available channels in Russia; “NTV-Series”, “NTV-Style”, “NTV-Law”, NTV-HIT” – themed channels; “NTV-World” and “NTV-America” – international versions of main NTV channel. The channel is traditionally one of the top three broadcasters in the country. It presents a wide range of content: news, social and political talk shows, series and films, entertaining and educational programs, documentaries and social projects. NTV is the largest action-packed drama producer in Russia; channel’s series have no peers on other channels of the country. NTV is the first Russian channel developing socially significant projects on and off air. The channel is a pioneer of new television ideas, formats and genre development. In early 2000, NTV started to develop life-style television. Social and political talk shows of NTV became a trademark for a whole generation of viewers.

JSC “Argumenty i Fakty”, Publishing house
Media Partners

Publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” publishes same-titled and the largest weekly edition in Russia, as well as regional and topical applications.

“Argumenty i Fakty” is the federal weekly newspaper number 1, a leader among of the social-political weekly in audience, sales, subscription and federal quality of edition (according to Mediascope and the Bureau of edition audit).

Web-site of the Publishing House “Argumenty i Facty” is ranked in the top-10 Russian media reports, according to Liveinternet and Mediascope. Monthly site visits more than 23 million people.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Publishing house “Argumenty i Fakty” Ruslan Novikov.

Editor in chief of the newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty” Igor Chernyak.

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency
Media Partners

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is the largest multiregional media holding that provides timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy to public authorities and the political and business establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow.

In the 15 years of work in Russian regions, FederalPress has acquired a reputation of an authoritative and influential information resource among the Russian political and business elite.

FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency focuses on a target audience that may be characterized as “influence groups”: federal and regional structures of public and municipal government agencies; experts in various areas of economics and finance; federal and regional mass media.

Currently, FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is a mass media outlet that largely influences the agenda: the latest news, key topics in politics and economy of Russian regions, Internet TV, expert opinions and blogs, news coverage, journalist research, analytical articles, and ratings.

Monthly traffic numbers over 6,000,000 visitors.

LLC Neftegaz.RU Intl
Media Partners

LLC Neftegaz.RU Intl – since 2000 the leader in the information market of the fuel and energy complex.

The site is a business publication for representatives of oil and gas and petrochemistry in Russia and abroad. 0.5 million people / month; 1st line of independent ratings.

Contains operational information, news, analytics. The database contains more than 31,000 enterprises, 152,000 units of products, a technical library, a photo bank, biographies. Russian and English version.

Business Magazine Neftegaz.RU is a monthly print publication of the Fuel and Energy Complex. Circulation 8000 copies.

Address: 127006, Russia, Moscow, st. Tverskaya d. 18, p. 1, of. 812

(495) 650-14-82,,

Media Partners

ATK-Media is the biggest mass media Holding company in the Arkhangelsk region. At the moment the Holding company incorporates 8 mass offering local and regional information products. The Holding company is represented by two television companies, three print media and three Internet editorial offices.

The television broadcasts of the Holding company affiliates are available in all areas of the Arkhangelsk region. Separate creative teams work in Arkhangelsk, Novodvinsk and Kotlas. In 2017 the TV channel “Region 29” became a public regional with an audience of over 937.5 thousand viewers.

The Holding company printed media are represented by newspapers and magazines. The main regional newspaper having its centenary ”Pravda Severa” is published now in 20000 copies and is circulated all over the region. The newspaper “Territoriya Rasvitiya” (“Territory of the development”) is included in the list of the regions’ official generic presentation. The Holding company Internet sites, and operate as news agencies quickly providing information agenda.

Media Partners

Euronews, Europe’s number one news channel, empowers people to form their own opinion. Our promise to our viewers and guests alike is: “All Views, All Voices, All Welcome”.

As a media with a strong European and multicultural DNA, Euronews reaches almost 400 million homes across 160 countries.

As a media with a strong European and multicultural DNA, Euronews is a widely recognised and trusted brand, reaching almost 400 million homes across 160 countries. It reaches more viewers in continental Europe than any of its rivals.

In 2017, Euronews replaced its previous model by the launch of 12 distinct cross-platform editions which enable to deliver tailored content that is relevant to each audience.

With a team of 600 journalists of more than 30 different nationalities, Euronews’ 12 editions cover world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

With new anchored shows on several of its editions, including 17 hours a day of live anchored shows on its English language edition, its social media newsroom The Cube, correspondents across Europe using its signature mobile journalism technology, Euronews has strengthened its commitment to delivering a European perspective on global affairs.

Xinhua News Agency
Media Partners

Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua in short, founded on November 7, 1931, is the state news agency of China and world news agency as well.

With its headquarters in Beijing, Xinhua has established 33 branches in China’s provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and has resident correspondents in Taiwan Province. There are more than 180 overseas bureaus, constituting a worldwide network of news and information gathering and releasing.

Xinhua had a multi-lingual, multi-function news release system, offering its broad clients news and financial information products in the form of text, photo, graphic, audio, video 24 hours a day in eight languages of Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Japanese.

Within the print media sector Xinhua News Agency has a portfolio of more than 20 newspapers and magazines. Its highly respected newspapers, such as “The Xinhua Daily Telegraph”, and news magazines, such as the popular “Outlook”, are among the most authoritative and influential publications in the country.

Xinhua also has the largest multilingual databank in China’s media industry. This constantly upgraded and daily-growing databank provides modern, fast, commercial intelligence that displays Xinhua’s news and information products in many languages and multimedia formats, directly serving its end users of China and abroad.    

Media Partners

PHOENIX SATELLITE TELEVISION began to broadcast on 31 March, 1996, with the philosophy of “reducing the distance within the global Chinese community and expressing the voice of Chinese to the world”, and striving to provide Chinese everywhere with high quality Mandarin Chinese television programming. Through twenty years of hard work, Phoenix has developed from being a one-channel station into a multi-channel television broadcaster, with the Phoenix Chinese Channel, the Phoenix InfoNews Channel, the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel which broadcasts in Europe, the Phoenix American Channel, the Phoenix Movie Channel and the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. These six channels currently have an audience in excess of 360 million viewers worldwide. Phoenix has now evolved into an omni-media corporate group, with an internet website (, a weekly magazine, an outdoor Mega LED advertising business, and publishing, radio broadcasting and education projects.

The Group’s Chinese Channel, InfoNews Channel, European Channel, American Channel, Movie Channel and Hong Kong Channel are carried on AsiaSat 7, China Sat-6B, EUROBIRD, Telsat-12, Directv, Echostar, G3-C, SATMEX-6, Bell ExpressVU and other broadcasting platforms, covering over 180 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Phoenix Satellite Television Corporation Limited was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 30 June 2000, and then on 5 December 2008 the Phoenix Corporation transferred to the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Media Partners

Caixin Media is a media group of professional journalists and editors who generate high-quality original content, and are dedicated to providing financial and business news through integrated multimedia platforms, including websites, mobile apps, periodicals, video programs, books and conferences. Caixin Media is regarded as the most credible Chinese media overseas and an essential reference for the international community to understand China. Visit us at 


The Federal News Agency
Media Partners

The Federal News Agency (FAN) is a modern Internet resource dedicated to the social and political life of Russia and the world. Monthly audience is more than 12 million people. FAN is in the TOP 30 LiveInternet in the “News and Media” category.

  • Operational coverage of current events, exclusive materials from hot spots.
  • More than 300 news, comments and interviews are published daily.
  • FAN is the first to know the details of the incident and the first to know their details.
  • FAN journalists talk with deputies, regional leaders, leading political scientists and economists.


Thomson Reuters
Media Partners

Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers. We enable professionals in the legal, tax and accounting, and media markets to make the decisions that matter most, all powered by the world’s most trusted news organization. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges (symbol: TRI).

For more information please visit

Thomson Reuters (Markets) Europe SA Moscow Branch

107031, Russian Federation, Moscow, 5 Petrovka street, 6th floor

+7 495 9610100

Help desk +74950610111

Arctic Portal
Media Partners

Arctic Portal,, the Arctic Gateway, a comprehensive gateway to the Arctic.

Providing access to news, data, information and organizations across the Arctic, facilitating information sharing and cooperation between public and private parties, carrying out Arctic-related outreach and communication.

Consulting and providing web presence to numerous institutions and projects of Arctic importance and maintaining highly active social media outreach channels.

Organizer of multiple international events and active participation in international organizations, networks and projects of highest Arctic and Global importance.

Co-Leading the project initiation and the outreach and science communication for the China-Iceland Arctic Observatory –

Developer and host of the Arctic Data Interface, the central database for the Arctic, designing a methodology, producing and facilitating an interoperable and scalable interfacing technology for our customers on demand.#

China Newsweek
Media Partners

China Newsweek was founded in September 1999 by the China News Service. It has been officially published since January 1, 2000. The publication is positioned as an authoritative magazine on modern politics, covering the most significant national and global events. Being the most influential weekly political publication and adhering to the principles of independence, Newsweek provides the reader with a first-hand topical information product. Therefore, the publication has long gained public recognition and support.

The China Newsweek is published all over China, with an average circulation of 800,000 copies a week. It is a publication of the People’s Republic of China which has open access to meetings of the central government, the National People’s Congress, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The weekly is delivered to all embassies of foreign countries in China, as well as to Chinese embassies abroad and foreign associations of the Chinese living outside the Celestial Empire, which also testifies to its uniqueness. In addition to Chinese, the publication is issued in eight foreign languages and is printed in such countries as Russia,Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the United States.

High North News
Media Partners

This is High North News 

High North News is an international, bi-lingual online newspaper that covers the realities of the Arctic for people, society and business in the High North.

High North news covers the Arctic from a northern position and will use thorough, investigative journalism about under-communicated issues to contribute to informing and shedding light on developments and change in the circumpolar Arctic.

The editorial office is based in Bodø, Norway, with one employee located at the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes. The newspaper also has stringers residing and working throughout the Arctic.#

“Parlamentskaya gazeta”
Media Partners

“Parlamentskaya gazeta” is the official weekly edition of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Published since 1997. The founders of the newspaper – the State Duma and the Federation Council. The publication is the official publisher of Federal laws, regulations, acts and other documents of the Federal Assembly. “Parlamentskaya gazeta” has press points and representations in ten reagions.

The website of the “Parlamentskaya gazeta” PNP.RU is operational news and reliable information about the laws adopted in the country and the activities of deputies and senators.

Media Partners

PRO BUSINESS (Moscow, Russia) is completely about entrepreneurship, interaction between business and government, development of economic and investment potential of the country.

More than two hundred names of professional and industrial TV programs, as well as business and economic programs.

The authors and TV hosts of the channel are general directors of real sector companies, famous entrepreneurs and public figures.

The heroes and participants of the programs are heads of the largest Russian and international companies, governors of regions and heads of republics, persons of Federal ministries and departments, leaders of business public organizations, associations and unions, heads of committees and commissions of the state Duma and the Federation Council, the largest entrepreneurs and businessmen, famous scientists and experts.

The channel broadcasts in cable networks of all Russian regions and of all the main Internet (online) television platforms.
Media Partners – dynamically developing multimedia. Federal news portal was based by ANO “Information and Analysis Center “MediaNews” in November, 2017.

Every day 24 hours a day edition covers events in Russia and a pattern. In an area of interest – the Russian and world politics, macroeconomic and finance, culture and art, sport and technologies, health and the society column. The facts, investigations, comments, judgements – content of will leave nobody indifferent.

Traffic of is more than 10,000,000 viewings monthly and more than 5,000,000 unique visitors a month. enters in top-30 the most readable Russian media and in top-15 the most quoted Internet resources, continuing to grow in geometrical progression.

Regional Media Partners

ATK-Media is the biggest mass media Holding company in the Arkhangelsk region. At the moment the Holding company incorporates 8 mass offering local and regional information products. The Holding company is represented by two television companies, three print media and three Internet editorial offices.

The television broadcasts of the Holding company affiliates are available in all areas of the Arkhangelsk region. Separate creative teams work in Arkhangelsk, Novodvinsk and Kotlas. In 2017 the TV channel “Region 29” became a public regional with an audience of over 937.5 thousand viewers.

The Holding company printed media are represented by newspapers and magazines. The main regional newspaper having its centenary ”Pravda Severa” is published now in 20000 copies and is circulated all over the region. The newspaper “Territoriya Rasvitiya” (“Territory of the development”) is included in the list of the regions’ official generic presentation. The Holding company Internet sites, and operate as news agencies quickly providing information agenda.

Online-TV «Gorod+»
Regional Media Partners

Online-TV «Gorod+» – is an unique project. Every day we make only positive news about the most interesting people in our city. Our modern and panoramic studio are situated in the center of historical place – Tavrichesky Garden. Join us!

Regional Media Partners

Association “Sozvezdye” was established in 2006 upon the initiative of Arkhangelsk region Government. Its main aim is to involve the industrial, transport and human resources potential of the northern regions into the Arctic infrastructure and petroleum project implementation, as well as to attract technologies to the region and localize production.

Association provides information support to regional enterprises, assists in preparing for prequalification and tender procedures, carries out technical meetings with oil and gas companies, and helps to establish business contacts with operators and adopt modern technologies.

Since 2007, the Association has been quarterly publishing bilingual magazine “Sozvezdye Review” with a run of 3,000 copies. This is a full-size edition in excellent printing design with a high-quality translation of articles into English. The magazine covers major events and projects in the Arctic, transport and energy infrastructure issues, development strategies.

General Partner Kalashnikov of Roscongress Cup Sporting and Practice Shooting Tournament

Kalashnikov Group
General Partner Kalashnikov of Roscongress Cup Sporting and Practice Shooting Tournament

Kalashnikov Group – is Russia’s largest manufacturer of combat automatic and sniper rifles, artillery guided projectiles, precision weapon and a wide range of civil products including hunting rifles and shotguns, sporting rifles, machines and tools. The new product lines of the Kalashnikov activities are: remote-controlled combat modules, unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed airborne and assault boats for special purpose units, civilian shipbuilding, automotive equipment, combat automated (robotic) systems and modular tactical vests (Plate Carrier). Today, the joint-stock company Kalashnikov Concern is the system-forming structure of the rifle sector of the Russian defense industry. A blocking stake of 25% plus one share of the Concern belongs to Rostec State Corporation, 75% minus one share to private investors. Nowadays, the Kalashnikov Group of Companies includes: JSC Concern Kalashnikov, JSC Izhevsk Mechanical Plant; shipbuilding enterprises of the full cycle LLC Holding Company of Rybinsk Shipyard and JSC Shipbuilding Plant VYMPEL, Nobel Brothers Shipyard, Mytishchi Machine Building Plant, developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial and helicopter type ZALA AERO, developer and manufacturer of armored ceramics Befors and a number of others. In addition, the Management Board of Rostec GC made a decision to sell 60% stake in Molniya to the Kalashnikov Concern.