Gaplikov: Vorkuta coal production facilities to be kept busy for another 50 years

The Government of the Republic of Komi and the Russian Government have an understanding on the prospects for coal production in the polar industry town of Vorkuta. The existing coal production facilities in the city will be kept busy for the next 50 years, Komi Republic Governor Sergei Gaplikov said in an interview with TASS news agency.

“The coal production strategy in Vorkuta is being developed. Taking into account global trends, the Russian Ministry of Energy and members of the federal government’s industrial block are actively holding consultations with the expert community and institutes. Today, we have an overall understanding of the prospects. I think that all existing [coal production and processing facilities in Vorkuta] will be fully utilized for the next 50 years or so. If there is greater demand on global markets for our coal brands [Vorkuta primarily produces valuable coking coal used in metallurgy], we can produce more actively using open-pit mining”, Gaplikov said.