Open-air museum to open on Franz Josef Land by 2020

Russian Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Sergei Donskoy will make this announcement at the Arctic Forum, the TASS news agency reports. In addition, Donskoy plans to present the results of clean-up operations carried out on Arctic islands.

The minister said the archipelago has always been a launching point for Arctic expeditions from different countries, has a great history, and that the museum will “be a sight to see”.

“We already have all the exhibits. Now all we have left to do is design it and ensure that people can see them”, he added.

The museum will feature the first Soviet polar station, unique all-terrain vehicles and aircraft.

The Russian Arctic National Park has already determined the items that will go on display at the Living History of the Arctic museum. They include an architectural ensemble of the first Soviet polar station, unique remnants of automotive, all-terrain and aviation machinery, installations, and wildlife exhibits. In particular, a museum exhibits may be one of Russia’s few remaining S-80 tractors as well as an ANT-6A aircraft, artefacts from the wintering areas of an Italian expedition led by the Duke of the Abruzzi in 1899–1900 on Rudolf Island and an American expedition in 1901–1902 on Alger Island as well as exhibits from a German weather station from the World War II era.